Bawali Haat


Tucked away in the outskirts of our megacity is a hidden abode of solitude named Bawali Farmhouse. This little island of greenery has been a favourite hideout for guests seeking peace. However, Bawali Farmhouse is not only about guests and weekend tours, a large part of its earnings go to developing skills of underprivileged individuals of surrounding villages.

For the past few years, our mentor Arup Chatterjee and his colleagues have been trying relentlessly to train these villagers with skills which would help them to become self-reliant. They have been trained in textile, pottery, handicrafts, culinary skills and many more creative areas. Finally, these have culminated in Bawali Haat where we showcase exquisite creations every 4th Saturday of the month from 3pm.  However, we have received overwhelming response from Guests and have decided to extend it to 3 days this time. The second Bawali Haat will be held on 26 / 27 / 28-Feb-2021. Bawali Haat is the platform where hope begins and dreams come true for these marginalised individuals.

Please visit Bawali Haat to experience the earthy colours and scents of rural Bengal. Try out the exotic flavours of Puli, Pithey and check out if the colours of our terracotta jewelry matches your exquisite wardrobe.

We have something for everyone at Bawali Haat.