Bawali Rajbari


Sometime during early 17th century, Basudeb Ray a prominent official of the Mughal Court of Emperor Akbar was bestowed the land ownership of the area of Bawali. His descendant Harananda Mondal was one of the earliest to found the Zamindari at Bawali with the help of the Bawali tribesmen.

The illustrious Zamindari grew with its effective land reforms and trade partnerships with the British. The Mondals of Bawali soon became a name to be reckoned with amongst the Zamindars of Bengal. During their heyday, the Bawali Zamindars had built several magnificent terracotta temples in Bawali and adjacent villages.

Today, this 300-year old palatial Bawali Rajbari spread over three acres of land and graced by ponds and gardens is being meticulously renovated to become a heritage hotel. The Bawali Rajbari is built around a lush courtyard with Cornithian pillars lining the verandah.