Guest Activities

Guest Activities

Bawali Farmhouse has made arrangements for a host of activities, starting from fishing and birdwatching to sharing experiences with local children. Your escapade to Bawali Farmhouse would surely some nice surprises, this weekend:

– Fishing: We have a pond teeming with fish in our farmhouse. You can enjoy “catch and release” angling with local fishing rods made of cane. You can also buy your catch and get it cooked from our kitchen. Our experts can also give you some lessons on how to cast a fishing net. If you have your own angling equipment, then you can bring them too.

– Table Tennis and Carrom: We have a small play centre where you can play few matches of Table Tennis or enjoy some angles and shots at the carrom board.

– History Hopping: Bawali is sated with history. You can start early after breakfast with the 300 year-old Bawali Rajbari and the ruins of the 175-year-old Gopinath Jiu terracotta temple. Then, you can stop at Budge Budge Riot Komagata Maru Memorial to pay homage to the martyrs followed by a visit to the Ferry Ghat where Swami Vivekananda was greeted in 1897 during his return from Chicago. In the afternoon, you can visit Raipur Riverside, Tong Achew Memorial and the famous Barood Ghar.

– Birdwatching: Bawali and its surrounding villages have a very good population of local and migratory birds. Wagtails, Parakits, Barn Owls and a whole lot of beecatchers, kingfishers and local species are found in abundance here due to the lush greenery all around. A nearby village named Burul becomes home to thousands of cranes, commorants and storks between their nesting season of June and September.

– Village Walks: The outskirts of Bawali is marked by endless stretches of paddy fields and flower farms dotted with thatched mud houses. We can arrange a bicycle for you so that you take a ride along the bumpy muddy village roads. You can also take our local guide to accompany you to the village walks.

– Reading vacation: Take your favourite book and slip in to Bawali farmhouse. The most secluded cottage facing the paddyfields and ponds would be allotted to you with a steady supply of tea and coffee. Take a village walk after your long reading sessions. Food could be served in your room too.

– Sharing to grow: Here, a local NGO runs an education and activity centre for less-privileged children. You can also participate and share your experiences and knowledge with these children. You can tell them some inspiring stories or share your experiences that would help them to grow.

– Barbeque: Under the cover of starry nights, you can sit around a campfire and treat yourself to some roasted country chicken in our farmhouse.